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The University of Mumbai has introduced the B.M.S. Course to prepare our students to compete in the field of Management of the new millennium with its emphasis on success in the dynamic and globally competitive market place. The course has been designed to create professionally qualified management executives, with effective hard and soft skills related to the operational environment, use of modern technology and interpersonal communication in the field of management.
  1. To create for the students, of University of Mumbai, an additional avenue of self employment and also to benefit the industry by providing them with suitable, trained persons in the field of Accounting & Finance.
  2. To prepare students to grab opportunities, being newly created, in the Accounting & Finance profession.
  3. To provide adequate basic understanding about Accounting & Finance education among the students.
  4. To give an adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of Accounting & Finance.
  5. To inculcate training and practical approach by using modern technology amongst the students in the field of Accounting & Finance.

With the global surge in the media industry over the last two decades, there has been distinct need for an academic programme at the undergraduate level that would meet promising career opportunities in the now booming information and communication business. The Bachelors in Mass Media (BMM) programme has been designed with this very agenda - to produce professionals armed with specialized skills in either advertising or journalism.
The B.Sc. IT programme of the University of Mumbai is designed to provide basic inputs for a broad understanding of Information Technology and its interfaces. The focus is on Information Technology and IT Management. Today smart, successful businesses use IT to give them an extra-edge to stay ahead of the competition. IT is soon becoming a 'driver' rather than an 'enabler' of business. It is used for processes like Office Automation, Management information. The programme takes the student beyond computer skills to telecommunication system and networking to e-commerce, internet security and Enterprise Resource Planning. This programme will give strategic advantage to the future of the Indian Manager.