1. In order to prepare students for competitive examinations like UPSC, MPSC, CET, CAT, NET, SET the Vision Competitive Exam Club is functioning under the guidance of Prof.Saravanan Reddy. The club has 100 students enrolled for Mock Tests in preparation for these examinations. Total 10 tests were conducted in the academic year. The students are provided detailed analysis and feedback after the test.
  2. On 24th October, 2019 a session on “UPSC / MPSC Guidance Lecture” was conducted by Mr. Abhiraj Patil to encourage students who wish to pursue a career in civil services or any other government sectors. The main focus of the lecture was to put an emphasis on the importance of clearing these examinations in particular format and approach towards the same.
Under the leadership of Prof. Amie Moulik, a Theatre Club was established for all students of CSFC to join and encourage the practice of dramatic art. The club encourages and motivates students to increase the level of study in theatrics. The primary initiative of this theatre club was to promote performances and participation in inter collegiate festivals by developing skits, plays, and street plays. Theatre is a form of art which lets the experiences of artist to develop an artistic experience for students.  
Activity Details
Attending “Inshallah” play
Skit by Theatre Club
Performance pf skit titled “Paani Chorla” and “PUBG” for frame 2 frame inter class short film making competition
Skit on “Transformation of television” on the celebration of World Television Day
Skit titled “Krushi Hatya” on Tribal Cultural Day and Kisan Divas
Skit on Annual Day “Navat Kay Aahe”
Celebration of Marathi Divas

The Nature Club has been formed to sensitise students towards the environment. Students regularly put up articles on the Notice Board about news related to environment to spread awareness among students. The activities for the year were as follows:

Exhibition and sale of Rakhis made using waste and bio-degradable material
Collection of 150 kgs of Plastic as part of Zero Plastic Model Competition organised by Khushiyan Foundation
Poster Making on Environment Issues
Seminar on Mumbai’s Forgotten Rivers by Paresh Pimple, Founder of EcoFolks NGO
Workshop on Strategies for Waste Management by Chinu Kwatra, Founder of Khushiyan Foundation
Rangoli Competition- Eco Friendly Diwali

The Film Club screened the following movies during the year:

Luck by Chance
To present the behind the scenes aspects of film making and encourage students to join the Film Club
Rang de Basanti
To see the portrayal of youth in Rakesh Mehra’s movie
A critically acclaimed, coming of age movie by Barry Jenkins
Bohemian Rhapsody
The movie based on the life of Freddy Mercury, the lead singer of the famous band Queen
Rahi Barve’s fantasy horror movie with great technical craftmanship
Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction movie starring Leonardo Di-Caprio
Christopher Nolan’s movie based on the evacuation of Dunkirk in World War-2 performed by an ensemble cast
Christopher Nolan’s Academy Award winning movie based on science-fiction
Christopher Nolan’s neo-noir psychological thriller
  • On 31st July 2019 students of SYBAF organized a ‘Blood Donation Camp’. The team of doctors from Nair Hospital and students from SYBAF undertook the entire management and co-ordination of this blood donation camp. The faculties initiated this drive by being the first to donate blood. Students participation in this camp was on an active level. After blood donation each student was given refreshment in form of coffee and biscuits. The social initiative under this ‘Blood Donation Camp’ was for students to learn about the importance of blood donation and the effects which it has on human body.
  • Students from CSFC took a noble and social initiative during the auspicious festival of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ on 15th August, 2019. The pride of Mumbai on whom the citizens depend for their safety i.e. Mumbai Police and Traffic Police were thanked for fulfilling their protective duty by tying ‘rakhis’. They appreciated this effort by our CSFC students. Students of CSFC implicated a sense of social responsibility by this noble deed.
  • The students of CSFC Social Outreach cell undertook an initiative to provide relief to flood affected areas of Kolhapur District on 23rd August, 2019. All students also came together to donate necessary food items, clothes, and daily utility items to sustain life in flood affected areas. The flood relief program helped students to understand the importance of responsibility towards society.
  • On 31st August 2019 the students of Social Outreach Cell visited Shanti Avedna Sadan to donate towels & bedsheets for the cancer patients and St. Catherine of Siena Orphanage to donate clothes for the kids.
  • On 1st October, 2019 Khushiyan Foundation organized ‘Plastic Donation’ campaign for all colleges in Mumbai. Students from CSFC collected maximum number of plastic goods and articles resulting 1st place in this campaign.
  • Team ‘Sagunya’ and the students of CSFC Social Outreach cell had initiated to celebrate Diwali with the BMC workers by appreciating the effort by which they make our surrounding clean. The activity was conducted on 24th October, 2019 at 7:00am. The students conducted an activity with them and appreciated their work by giving them sweets.
  • On 3rd December, 2019 students of FYBMS-A visited ‘Gharkul NGO’ which looks after disabled orphans to celebrate World Disability Day. The students performed various activities for the children in the orphanage. Students also distributed notebooks, pencils, and other necessary items which would be helpful for the orphanage children.
  • A month-long exhibition was organized by FYBMM for all CSFC students under the theme ‘Ordinary People Extra Ordinary Contribution’ from 24th December, 2019 to 20th January, 2020. The main focus of this event was to shed a light on the enormous contributions made by those unsung heroes of Mumbai who keep on working without any recognition and selflessly towards social welfare. Students had to capture the contributions of these heroes and reflect it on a poster through creative art-work. The posters were displayed on an exhibition reflecting the tireless efforts of these heroes on a magnificent scale.
  • A view towards changing society and its challenges students from Chetana’s CSFC under its social outreach program made a visit to St. Anthony’s Home on 10th January 2020 in Bandra. An important aspect of this visit was for students to engage with members from the old age home and make them feel welcome in changing societal trends. The main purpose was to indulge students in bringing joy on their faces by various activities planned by students and bonding with them on personal level. A nostalgia was spread around the old age home when the interactions and food packets were shared between them and students. In remembrance students received well wishes and blessings from them for spending the day and spreading a smile on their faces. Students learnt a different approach towards their life and had never expected this would become one of the unforgettable moments of their life.
  • Students volunteered for Cycle Marathon organized by Khushiyaan Foundation. This initiative was completed by all students of CSFC under the guidance of Social outreach Cell on 16th February, 2020. The main importance was to focus on clean and green environment and create an awareness for increasing pollution levels.
For their continued support towards outreach activities the SOC team of CSFC was awarded & Appreciated by Khushiyan Foundation for Their Extra Ordinary Selfless Service Towards the Nation